Welcome to JuniVerse, the home of children’s poetry. We believe that poetry is the key to the soul and, as such, should be read from a young age.

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Why Poetry?

Reading has so many benefits to a child, including firing up their imagination, practicing critical thinking skills, igniting their creativity and bolstering their vocabulary. But why poetry in particular? Reading poetry like nursery rhymes to your children can have benefits all on their own.


Poetry uses meter and rhyme as an important part of the structure. This rhythm helps the work stick in their minds. It can also help improve language skills and word association in children.

Reading Comprehension

If a child is able to memorise at least 8 nursery rhymes or short poems by their fourth year, they will become the best readers in their class by the time they are eight years old!

Motor Skills

As children learn to recite passages, they become more aware of the phonics involved in creating these sounds, and they improve their overall tongue and mouth movements and breath control.

Cognitive Skills

Reading poetry lets children learn how similar words can have very different meanings. They can see the patterns in speech and literature and apply these patterns in their own language.

Emotional and Social Development

Children learn to create inside jokes and form clever uses of wordplay. These are important coping mechanisms that are vital to a child’s social development. In addition, rhymes can become a source of comfort for children in stressful times.